Great Result!!!

Exam results were posted today,and I am so proud of myself!!! Two As,and three Bs in Art History,Archaeology,and History.
I am also a proud grannie,who took that step of going to University.

Mesolithic Campsite

Clothed in sunshine,this is a Mesolithic campsite.Reconstructed at the National Heritage Park,Ferrycarrig,Co.Wexford.The smaller hut is similar to the one we are presently constructing in our garden,photo’s to follow!!!

Irish Piracy…..

I was attending a seminar yesterday in Trinity College, Dublin,called Space and Settlement in the Middle Ages 2013.Out of the various papers presented was a paper by Connie Kelleher,Underwater Archaeology Unit (Galway,Ireland),

“Piracy as part of the political process:economic links and cultural divisions in the late-16th,and early-17th century Atlantic world.

I have decided to write an essay based on her paper,am thinking of a title at the moment.I am also putting a deadline on this summer project for motivation!!!


Before any lecture,the first port of call should be your elearning resource.Read any information on the up coming lecture, and check the reading list.There is no need to take down every word,this is counter-productive.Listen for key points,and words.

Read your notes after the lecture,do not wait till revision time!!!

Ask yourself questions as you read your notes,and see do they point towards further research.Remember,these are your own notes,and they can be in any format that works for you!!!!

Think of notes as guidelines to further understanding of the topic.

Three wonderful ladies of literature.

Manic Monday in Mature Student World!!!

Not this Monday,chillaxin’ in the brain.All assignments done,all exams finished!!!

However,I am not going to Veg City for the summer,planning to construct a Mesolithic campsite hut.I have lots of willows in my garden,so the game plan is to use them to build a hut, and then cover it with a variety of coverings!!! I will be use a number of text books to guide me through, and the help of another archaeology student,progress will be posted.Fingers crossed that we have a nice summer here in Wexford for my meso construction site.

Plans are afoot to start on that long threatened book,any tips etc, all welcome.

The Vanishing Point!!!

Chillax on Sunday.

Right,let’s have a recap,getting started with academic reading over the summer.

Start with the quality print media,keep that pen in hand while reading.Cut out articles,they can be useful reference’s for later use.

If you know what subjects you will be studying,then start with basic background reading on them.Get to know your local library,ask questions about their systems,librarian’s do not just say Ssssh,they like to help. See can you visit a University library,if not get in there first thing in Semester One, and get that system to work for you.

.Speed Read with realistic goals,set targets for effective reading,and revise what you have read,but ENJOY doing it.



Sunshine at the weekend!!!

Aaaah,the feel of those vitamin C rays on the face,especially here in Ireland.Go ahead,get out into the sun,and bring the book too.

Reading can be like a martini,any time,any place,any where,thats reading!!!!

Rate My Speed Reading!!!!

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